Esther Perbandt

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    Esther Perbandt was born and bred in Berlin, burnished in Moscow and polished in Paris.

    After two and a half years in France where she worked as a designer for the French house Chacok, Esther returned to Berlin with perfect timing: In 2003 things started moving and shaking on the Berlin fashion scene.

    Esther Perbandt, strong headed and highly individualistic, has proven her staying power as an avant-garde fashion designer on national and international markets.

    Esther Perbandt is a designer, visionary, performer, mistress of ceremonies and entertainer – the quintessence of everything that makes Berlin special. Her fashion is infused with nonchalant feminine androgyny, a unique Berlin style with a touch of the humorous bluntness Berliners are known for.

    Who cares what gender, genre or galaxy you’re from – her universe is a vision of modern style for personalities in the right-here right-now.

    Esther Perbandt lives and breathes interdisciplinary work. In countless art films, musical and theatrical projects and cooperations with Till Lindemann, photographer Sven Marquardt, composer Sven Helbig, directors Nicholas Mockridge and Zoran Bihac and the choreographer Sasha Walz as well as the conductor Theodor Currentzis, she continually proves her striving for creative moments beyond the usual pigeon-holed categories – in collaborations of the heart and mind.

    But Esther Perbandt also enjoys life in front of the camera: although she loves setting the scene for others, she likes to play the part too. And she certainly has plenty of experience in that, from countless interviews, participation in music and dance videos, advertising, fashion shows and shoots.

    “Friends call me the Hungry Caterpillar. I am always on the lookout for new projects, ideas, visions, material and challenges. Anything but stagnation. Life is wonderful.”

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