Britt Kanja

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    … is a Berliner by birth and choice.

    This Berlin Style-Icon is one of the most creative divas and an essential character of Berlin´s  art- party- and cultural scene.

    She was a professional dancer and toured almost all over the world.

    Lived 6 years mostly in San Diego and studied, just for herself, nutritional science.

    She came back to Berlin in the mid 80ties, and startet as  co-founder the infamous 90° club and became with her flamboyant and never-to-be-forgetten events and really wild theme-parties (also on different locations)- paired with the capability to gather the most interesting people – a legendary personality and The Grande Dame of Berlin Nightlife.

    Promoting classical grace and elegance with a fine sence of humor, Britt has a flavour to the uniqueness of Audrey Hepburn,.

    Creating her own dresses and complements. She designs or redrafts her outfits and has a genius taste for colours, materials and shapes.

    Not only a designer,  she did the choreography for fashion shows as well as the production of fashion catalogues, she is also a digital designer and painter, creating amazing art works.

    She levitates like an elf on her scooter or roller skates across Berlin.


    Britt about herself:

    I love style and elegance ! … and even more: hearts full of soul !

    The flamboyance of people and their inspiring sparkle is ageless and I love it !!!

    I love challenges!

    Life offers us nuts, but cracking them is up to you.

    You’ll only get in trouble if you run away from your challenges instead of facing them and I prefer clarity over bitterness.

    I’m constantly aiming to broaden my horizon and I feel I’m expecting less and less and am able to give more and more. We’re living in tough, exploitative times but it’s up to you to make the best out of it – and let the sparks fly !!!

    There’s hope for humanity. You.

    It´s in each and every one of us !

    Fill up the treasury of your beauty.

    Only when the power of love

    overcomes the love for power,

    this world will find its peace.

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