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    Alina was born an raised in the black forest. Her family loved music and had a little band so she would have her first performance with a song called „Let’s twist again“ being only 7 years old.
    This magic moment inspired her to become a singer.
    She started writing her own songs with her first band when she was 14 and played live gigs regularly. After school she applied for the famous German Popakademie in Mannheim and got chosen to be one of only 10 students per year who could study singing and songwriting.
    At this school she developed her own musical style and connected with the music industry. Alina moved to Berlin and signed her first publishing deal in 2013. While having several side jobs and even issues with her vocal chords, she went to the studio as often as she could and coped with it by putting these stories into songs.
    In 2015 she got discovered by the powerful A&R Tom Bohne and signed with Universal Music.
    On her first album „Die Einzige“, which got released in 2017, she deals with all the struggles and heartbreak she had experienced in these years. Her album instantly landed on place 26 stayed 12 weeks in the German charts.
    Her fans love her for being real and authentic.
    She represents modern women: strong, independent, confident and going through ups and downs but never let her dreams go.
    Her voice is not only great in singing – she even has a message to the world.
    Once someone told her she would have to lose weight to become successful.
    Being curvy and becoming her true self was actually the key to her musical career and now she is a curvy model and ambassador for the body positivity community, too.
    Currently she is working on her second album which will be expected in 2019.

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