Philippe Dumas

  • Biography

    Philippe lives in Paris and works as an actor and model.
    In June 2016 a buzz on the internet thrust him into the spotlight, casting him as the sexygenaire of the web.
    After working for 25 years as general manager with a number of great French film directors (Patrice Chéreau, Benoit Jacquot, Cedric Klapisch, etc.), he begun a new career in fashion and advertising business.
    Philippe is very open to any new artistic experience. He has a real passion for everything related to fashion.
    For him, being in front of the camera is a real pleasure, as you can see from the pictures.
    Philippe is passionate about travel and ready to cross the oceans to devote himself to his work as an actor and model, a work that currently takes him all over Europe. His goal is to broaden his artistic field towards Asia or the United States.

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